As many of you, I was put in charge of the DJ and all of the associated details. I literally couldn't have made an easier and better choice than Neil and Beth at Too Much Fun.

This is how it went:
I met with Neil and couldn't believe how perfect he understood what we wanted. I told him that we (My now wife and I) didn't even agree on some details but told him what we envisioned. Neil was awesome! He told me that we had plenty of time and not to panic. No Pressure, No Panic, No Problem!

He called a few times prior to our wedding and ironed out all of the details and had already put together a "Day of" spreadsheet. Times, songs, names, EVERYTHING!

Our guests asked us constantly, "Where did you find your DJ's!! They are awesome." They even came in classy wardrobes that were our wedding colors. Honest to goodness ...... No detail was overlooked.

In man terms:
Neil and Beth were definitely the quarterbacks of our day. They called audibles when faced with a blitz and hit the check route for a touchdown.

Serious.... Call and you will see!

Michael, August 2014